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Formidable Lovebirds

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“For I am a great King, saith the LORD of the hosts, and my name is formidable among the Gentiles.” Malachi 1:4b 

“This is the one word that I hear when I look at this dynamic duo, Mike & Sam Stacks …Formidable. Extremely impressive in strength or excellence. Exactly. When this precious retired couple first walked into Grace Klein looking to volunteer, my first thought was, “Aw…aren’t they cute.” Barely a week after that first impression and meeting, while I still think they are the cutest lovebirds that I have ever seen, these guys are unstoppable! 

Mike has stepped into the role of part-time box truck driver and his lovely bride will either follow along in her car or stay behind and do whatever needs to be done to prepare for the harvest her groom is bringing back. But let me just tell you, when he pulls up in that truck and steps out to let us unload, these two “retired” folks act like anything but! They seem to have this unspoken language that I imagine comes only from many years of marriage and walking side by side, because they make eye contact, share maybe a head shake or nod in agreement, and off they go to work. And when they work together, mountains of food get moved! 

It is not unusual to see Mike and Sam hanging around the office even when we do not receive a load for the day or long after we have and everything has been unloaded, sorted and put away in the freezers, looking for other ways to help. What a valuable asset these two have become to us at GKC and what a living example they are to all of us regarding the power of two that walk together. We love you Mike & Sam!”

– Tracie Mark Smith, Serve Team Coordinator 

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