From Trash to Treasure

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A community member sent us these beautiful pictures of her garden in an email titled “Morning Eye Candy.” What a treat to see how God has used rescued everything to create such beauty and usability.  Also, what a great reminder to all of us of how He Himself welcomes us in our mess, much of what we would consider trash, rescues us and turns us into something beautiful.

“This is all my yard. I’ve been building it for several years now, and this year I turned it into a pollinator garden.

Almost all the roses and orchids are “rescue flowers” as well all my daisies, all my herbs (rosemary, parsley, fennel, oregano,) and seeds from the tomatoes, seed pods from the packaged fresh peas and beans, and cuts from the potatoes. I’ve taken some of the old yucky veggies and used them in my compost, and this year I’ve begun using the broken down compost soil for my garden. My garden is super happy!

I built all my planters from pallets (and yes, I took them all apart by myself) moved all the rocks to form my garden, and even used some of Grace Klein’s recycled paper and cardboard boxes as my garden base. The fennel and parsley are especially nice as the Monarch butterfly uses these two plants as a host which is very important to their survival. I’ve cut the roots off onions and leeks, and now they are growing too. Everything has come about from the blessing of Grace Klein.

Just recently I’ve begun boiling the frozen bananas from GK, peel and all (just cutting off the two end nibs) and making warm banana tea. A 10-minute boil just before bedtime, and I’m beginning to sleep so much better.”

Can you believe that all this happened because someone took the time to take what the world considered as trash and welcomed it home as a treasure?!!  We are welcomed home too and because of Jesus, no matter what we have done, He will forgive us, nurture us and turn our trash into His treasure, just as this garden has become a treasure for the one who has toiled on its behalf.  We will start to look like this beautiful garden when we surrender our lives to Jesus and let Him weed out the bad, fertilize the good and nurture us into a very picture of Himself.

Look at that beauty!! Don’t miss Jesus!

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