Fully Present in the Right Now

“We got to pray just to make it today” – MC Hammer

Some people seriously wake up in the five o’clock hour to pray! How amazing is that?!! They take the early shift in bringing thanksgiving, prayers and petitions to Jesus for the hurts and needs around them. They beg God for healing, miracles, provision, restoration, salvation, hope, peace. Taking it to Jesus and storming the gates of hell in battle for those who cannot fight for themselves.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Morning prayer warriors stir up the heavens and they see God move. They get answers. They wake up and don’t give up! Ask a prayer warrior and they can tell you stories, God stories, where He healed a friend’s mom from cancer, provided for a struggling grandmother, changed a child’s heart, gave courage to a little girl, breathed joy into depression, on and on.

One of our Grace Klein Community prayer warriors is Shannon Haskins. She loves Jesus with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. She also loves her neighbor as she loves herself. Many weeks her time is spent going from coffee, to lunch, to a walk, to another coffee to listen to the hearts of women. Funny story, Shannon doesn’t even drink coffee, she just loves people. She’s asking questions and pouring into each woman with scriptures, prayers and words of encouragement. Willing to listen, she knows so many confidential things about so many people, and she holds all those things in confidence, only sharing with Jesus. She meets up with Jesus every single day to bring all this heavy to His feet, to cry out on behalf of many women, for their hearts, their homes, their kids, their spouses, their financial struggles, their brokenness.

So… if you don’t meet Shannon at the Sunday GKC Trade Market or on her Wednesday morning lunch serve at the GKC office, you can bet she’s somewhere in our city loving on somebody. She may be planning a ladies night of encouragement at her house or shuttling kids from one place to the next. She could be helping with a dance class or a worship gathering for teenagers. You never know, but wherever she is she is all there. She has an amazing ability to be fully present in the right now. Maybe she only has one hour to share with you, but she gives you the full attention of that hour. What a gift and an attribute we can all work on with the distractions of our cellphones or the “gotta do next” lists that run through our minds.

Shannon is good at listening, but when you have time with her, don’t forget to ask her questions. She has a wealth of knowledge to share of ways God has used her life circumstances to grow her, refine her and make her look more like Jesus. She has a lot to teach us and all we have to do is ask and listen.

Grace Klein Community is especially blessed and thankful to have Shannon Haskins as a board member. She provides thoughtful and prayerful oversight to the day to day operations of the organization. She is focused on the hearts of the people. Shannon is prayerful evaluating what we do to make sure we are ministering to people in the most effective ways possible.

Craig and Shannon, and their children, have delivered food boxes for many years and have built a strong and vibrant relationship with many families in Ensley as well as one of our partner churches, Metro CME. They work tirelessly beside this church as it grows into a hub of ministry and outreach for the entire Ensley community. We are excited to help stock Metro CME’s clothing closet and they generously host a location of the Grace Klein Community food delivery ministry every month. Often these ladies will join together for prayer and bible study during the week and Shannon loves to be a part of these precious loving women that are growing together in Jesus.

If you find yourself meeting a beautiful long haired curly redhead, ask her if she happens to be Shannon! You will love her the minute you meet her.


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