Goodsearch: Support Grace Klein Community By Searching The Internet

goodsearchEvery day, there are millions of people using the Internet. Most of them are using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to search for everything from their favorite restaurants to facts for their school paper to advice and opinion columns. What if we told you there was a search engine that, with the partnership of Grace Klein Community, is helping feed families in need in Birmingham, bringing shelter and protection to orphans at Kwathu Children’s Home in Zambia, and showing Christ’s love to communities around the world? Would you use it? If so, then Goodsearch ( ) is the website to use!

If you set up Grace Klein Community as the nonprofit you support, Grace Klein Community will receive a penny for every search you do on the Internet through Goodsearch. It is absolutely FREE to you, and the search engine is powered by Yahoo, the second most relied upon search engine in the world! Funds raised through your searches will be used in a variety of ways, from maintaining our garden and chickens, to Family Fun Nights, to supporting students at LXP in South Africa, and various other Gospel-spreading missions around the globe. So how can you get started?

So How Do You Get Involved?

Step 1: Go to, press “Get Started” on the center-right area of the page. Then create an account, either through Facebook, or by creating a username and password. The only information Goodsearch will request is your first and last name, your e-mail, and a password.

Step 2: Make Goodsearch your homepage, by going to Tools > Options > General and setting as your homepage in Firefox or Internet Explorer, or on a Mac (Safari) go to Preferences > General and set the homepage to

Step 3: Use to search the internet just like you would Google or Yahoo, and for every search you perform Grace Klein Community will receive a penny!

Goodshop and Grace Klein Community

Through Goodshop, you can easily gain access to great discounts while also having a percentage of your purchase given to Grace Klein Community. Just follow the steps above to set up your account for Goodsearch and Goodshop, then either shop at, or access Goodshop whenever you go to any participating online store by installing the Goodshop-To-Go Add-On by going to! Over 5,000 stores participate, including everything from clothes, to household needs and even flowers! Almost any major brand you can think of is involved, so make sure to check it out!

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