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One way we implement resourcefulness is to share non-human consumption food with local farmers. We love knowing that our leftovers are not headed to the landfill, but helping to feed chickens and hogs or adding nourishment to a compost bin. When farmers take their pigs to market, they often share their first fruits back with us, equipping us to share chubs of sausage to families in need. We also love when they bring us cartons full of eggs, bushels of greens, or boxes of zucchini to share with others. We all have something to give, just as Boaz instructed his young men to leave “handfuls of purpose” for Ruth when she came to glean his fields. (Ruth 2:16)

If you are a local farmer and would like access to some of our “handfuls of purpose” non-human consumption food, please complete the form below: