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Help Us Get Up and Go!

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Turn Breakdowns into Breakthrough. 

Four weeks ago, our family embarked on a journey to a special church planning gathering, filled with hopes and excitement. However, our vehicle, our companion on many adventures, succumbed to the heat, leaving us stranded not once, but twice.

Despite the challenges, we found solace in the gathering, with prayers echoing in the air as our kids joyfully mingled with their friends. Little did we know, the return journey would be marred by our car’s repeated overheating, leaving us at the mercy of breakdowns and uncertainties. “but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 ESV

After consultations with two mechanics, a grim reality set in – our engine had ceased, leaving us without a reliable means of transportation during this busiest season. We’ve relied on the generosity of friends who graciously lent us their cars. We are in the third one now. 

Will you join hands with us in raising funds for a new, reliable car? A vehicle that’s not only low on fuel but also spacious enough to accommodate our family of six. We are hoping for a 7-seater that will carry us safely through our daily adventures and commitments. Below are pictures from left to right: Our three musketeers standing in front of our car with the ceased engine. Next photo was taken in June 2020. Last one is of the car we are praying for. 

Every contribution, no matter how small, will bring us one step closer to restoring our mobility.

Donate today and be a part of turning breakdowns into breakthroughs.

With gratitude,

The Ngosas 

Note: All donations in the US through Grace Klein, who have graciously offered us this platform, are tax deductible. 

To give in South Africa, EFT to:

Cornelius Ngosa

FNB, Jeffreys Bay

Account number: 62308704958

Branch code: 250655.