Holly Hurt – Food Distribution Coordinator

“I first became involved with Grace Klein Community in the late summer of 2017. Jason Waltman asked my husband, Colin, who works for Grace Klein Construction, if I would be interested in helping his wife, Jenny Waltman, with an upcoming event. When Colin asked me I was excited to find out about the “No More Safety Pins” event! I arrived at Liberty Church where the event was being held and could immediately see that this was going to be a BIG to-do for mothers in our area. Upon meeting Jenny, she embraced me with a huge, loving, and welcoming hug and gave me a brief description of all the wonderful things they were trying to organize and prepare for families. As we walked and talked she gave me a little encouragement and threw me right in. I learned over the next several days that this BIG event was only a teeny tiny portion of how Grace Klein loves on the people of Birmingham, and around the world.

Jenny and a few volunteers shared with me about other incredible ways I could be involved to help Grace Klein Community engage Birmingham and share the love of Christ. I was invited to come to the Grace Klein Office to check out how amazing God is by seeing first hand how He provides everything we need to love and support our neighbors. Jenny was super encouraging and full of examples of ways to build a relationship with God and with our community from the very start. I specifically remember her telling me “Pray for tomatoes and they will just show up at the office and if not whatever else you are in need of will. We just have to trust God, and pray hard….” and that was followed by a really good Jesus story.

After becoming friends with many volunteers and hearing all the Jesus stories, I desired to be more involved in this community and began volunteering at the office. I would volunteer about two to three days a week for a few hours at a time in the give-and-take room. I helped by folding and organizing clothing, household items, books, bedding, shoes, separating damaged clothing and t-shirts for Mrs. Linda and our We Sew Love outreach, storing away things that would be appropriate for the next NMSP event, dusting, and cleaning the floors.

Several days into volunteering in the give-and-take room I began to realize the need for more assistance with food rescue. So whenever I had spare time I would also help by unloading the box truck and/or organizing and putting away the food onto shelves and into fridges or freezers. Even taking some of the foods that overflowed the office to store or make meals to be shared is something I learned to do. I began sharing with people that I personally knew who were in need of food items or clothing.

Another suggestion, I love to do with my girls, was sharing the treats that came to the office in abundance – like donuts, cakes, and cookies – as a great way to love on our teachers, office staffs, a fire station, nurse staff, or retirement homes. While helping with food rescue, I learned about the once a month food delivery and how we keep the rescued food separate from the food for the monthly delivery. We have to buy a majority of the food for our monthly food delivery.

Over my time serving with GKC, I have been able to be a part of every facet of Food Delivery, from unloading the box truck full of non-perishable items to delivering the boxes to families, strengthening relationships with families in the community and praying with them, when it’s welcomed.

After volunteering for a short time, Natalie asked me to come to the office to lead a serve day with her. Since then, I have led thirty plus serve days at the office and both community homes. Recently, Natalie shared with me the need for a group of ladies to be a team of prayer warriors and core team members for the new community home. She asked if I would be interested in becoming a core team member and encouraged me to pray. I accepted the invitation and have been in prayer for the new home as well as raising awareness to our community about all Grace Klein Community intends to accomplish with this home. I was also invited to come to a 10 week counseling class at Liberty Church led by Julie Morris. We took the class to better prepare ourselves to serve and care for the future women and children that will come through the new community house.

Through serving with Grace Klein Community, I have been able to build relationships with the staff, volunteers, with the community in general, and those in need, who are all around us. Most importantly, I am building a better relationship with God as I learn how to truly trust in Him. Ever since I was little I have known that I was created to serve and love others well, but it has only been in the past few years that I’ve learned that we all are called to do that! Grace Klein Community has helped me to see practical ways to love our neighbors as we should.

What an honor to serve on staff with Grace Klein Community as the Food Distribution Coordinator. My role includes oversight, management and administration of the monthly food delivery outreach, as well as our new Senior Adult Program. With my role, I work directly with the volunteers who work directly with the families we serve. My great joy is encouraging our volunteers, having their paperwork organized and clear, ordering healthy food and improving our logistics. The more efficient we become, the more people we can serve.

Come join us in serving Birmingham! We would love to meet you, serve alongside you and watch Jesus blow your mind as much as He continues to do to all of us! What a fun adventure it is to live each day with Jesus!!

– Holly Hurt, Food Distribution Coordinator


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