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Hope Has Risen Easter T-Shirts

Dear friends,

We would love to encourage you to join us in supporting ministry in Swaziland, Africa this Easter season by giving funds you might normally spend on a special outfit toward buying a t-shirt celebrating the Resurrection. We believe our hope is in Jesus alone, and this shirt focuses on that fact. Proceeds from sales of these shirts will go toward the next team trip to Swaziland.

PleaseĀ CLICK HERE for t-shirt style and color options. Click on the “Google Doc” link included in the attachment to place your order and see further directions for payment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact for any payment queries.

All funds received are handled by Grace Klein Community and so you’ll receive a receipt from this organization as you order and pay. Grace Klein Community has been part of our team efforts at Lesibovu since the beginning and we are so grateful for them.”

– Swaziland Serve Team

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