Lauren Stearns – Samford University Intern

“The Lord works in mysterious ways. He leads and guides us in directions that we would have never seen coming. He challenges us in ways that draw us nearer to Him. Looking back on how I ended up here at Grace Klein Community, it is humbling to see each little piece of the puzzle that has been put into place. Growing up just outside of Birmingham to a strong Christian family, I was not exposed to many hard things in life. I was seemingly unaware of the great need that existed in my community and the needs that existed just 30 minutes away in Birmingham. I volunteered with different organizations for a time, but nothing ever really clicked.

When I was in middle school, we ran into some pretty difficult circumstances that affected our family unit in more ways than one. It was during this time that I really wondered why bad things happened, why I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone. This time of searching and longing led me to the Lord in a way that I had never experienced before. It was then that I learned that the Lord is always faithful. That He is the One who can always be trusted. His plans are ultimately for our good and His glory, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time.

As I finished out my high school years, I began to become more involved in the church. I couldn’t stay away. I was finding every opportunity I could to serve because that is what God calls us to do- to give out of the abundance of love we have been given by Him in the sacrifice of his Son on the cross. Throughout that time, I felt a strong desire to be involved in international missions. This call led me to Samford University.

At Samford, I am involved in the Global Missions Scholars program. My time at Samford learning about missions and being a part of the community has changed me so much for the better. It is impossible to describe the effect that it has had on my life. That being said, after doing an internship in Iceland for 10 weeks through the Global Missions program, I felt the Lord telling me to pursue a degree in social work. The opportunity arose for me to be a part of a special program where I am getting my B.A. in Psychology and my Master of Social Work in a total of 5 years.

The Social Work Program at Samford led me to Grace Klein Community, and I am so thankful that it did. I love the passion that GKC has for community and sharing what we have with others. I also love that while doing this, GKC is sharing the gospel with those that walk through our doors. I am so excited to be interning at GKC this year and cannot wait to see what all is in store!” – Lauren Stearns


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