Love Does

1-IMG_3927God has birthed a simple idea for how we can love our city. Grace Klein Community has simple, business-size cards (shown to the right) to be used for random acts of kindness all over Birmingham. These cards can be collected from our office.

Simply think up some random acts of kindness and give out these cards as you do. Our hope is that these cards will inspire others to share and do their own random acts of kindness.

Some ideas:

  • help load Christmas trees at a Christmas tree farm
  • take cookies to the DMV
  • pay for the order behind you in a drive thru
  • wrap some cute knick knacks and deliver them to a local nursing home for the residents
  • when it’s cold, deliver a thermos of hot coffee or cocoa to an outdoor construction crew; when it’s hot, take some popsicles or lemonade
  • take a widow or single mom and her kids out to dinner to somewhere they have never been
  • think of someone you really don’t like and leave a secret note of encouragement in their mailbox
  • on trash day, move a neighbor’s trash can up from the street so they don’t have to

On your way home, pray for the families you served.

God doesn’t want us to just talk about love, He wants us to do it! 1 John 3:18


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