LXP Lesotho – November 2016 Update

The spring rain has begun to fall here in Lesotho after a dry winter and we are enjoying the beautiful green landscape, warm weather, and freshly planted corn and sorghum fields. It has been some months since we sent an email newsletter update, so here are some highlights of the fresh growth and life-giving spiritual rain we have been experiencing in life and ministry.

Computer Skills Training 

img_4339Our introductory class, Phase One, has been running for six weeks and we have seven students this time. This group has shown a lot of excitement; not only are they quickly picking up the computer skills, but they have been very open and allowing God to shape their lives through the bible studies. They have shared with us their struggles in the areas of relationships, success, and trusting God completely with their lives. Limpho, one of the staff members, has done an excellent job discipling them in these areas and challenging the students to not only study the word but to apply it in their daily lives. Please pray for this group that God will continue to reveal His truth in these areas and continue to transform them.

One of the graduates from the most recent group, Agnes (3rd from left), was recently accepted at a community college. She told us that she was asked to assist other students with computer usage when her teachers noticed her level of experience. This is exciting as it is a realization of our desire to equip people with practical skills and gives Agnes an opportunity to disciple her classmates as she shares what she has learned in her faith as well.


img_4892Recently at the Saturday Youth Program we have had a number of new kids and youth from different villages. Some of these teens heard about the program from their friends at school and some are part of the Abstinence Club. It’s been an exciting season with these fresh, curious, and hungry young people around. It’s been fun for the youth who have been with us for years as well because they have made new friends and have the opportunity to share what they’ve learned and set an example for the newcomers. In the weeks following our October camp we have been getting positive feedback about what was learned and put into practice at camp. We are continuing to follow-up with topics relating to sex, gossip and lying, low self-esteem and abuse of alcohol especially with some of the new teens. Please continue to pray for us as a team, to be diligent and discerning in this follow up and walk closely with the youth in their areas of need.

Bible Study Groups 

img_4957We meet every Thursday with men and women in small discipleship groups. One of our challenges has been getting men more involved in bible studies; a number of factors contribute to this including the belief that church is for women. Additionally, men are typically busy during the day in the fields, at work or looking after animals. We have, however, had a few men who are growing strongly in the Lord. The bible studies are a great tool for discipleship and we are beginning to see some people who have taken ownership in reading and studying the word on their own, as well as sharing it with their families and friends. Our vision is that in the long run these kinds of meeting will transform the entire village so that all the people of this village and neighboring villages will come to the knowledge of Christ. We have seen this kind of transformation in the life of one of the ladies, ‘M’e Mats’oahana. She was struggling with an addiction to snuff tobacco. As a result of what she learned from the Lord through her participation in the bible studies she felt convicted and empowered to completely stop the habit! We rejoice with her and trust that she will continue to worship God with her body and be an example to others.

Abstinence Club

img_4966We have been so encouraged by the number of students we see regularly every Tuesday at the Abstinence Club at St. Philips High School. This consistency this has helped us to get to know the kids better so we are able to go much deeper with the discussions and mentor them on a personal level. Recently we did a teaching about honesty and courage where the youth were encouraged to share the real issues they are facing in the area of personal sexuality. Out of this, five girls shared that they were forced into sex by their boyfriends or strangers. The girls had kept this abuse a secret until they shared with the team, so we will be walking with them in counseling and seeking legal help. We are thankful that two of the girls have put their trust in Jesus as their healer and the Lord of their lives last week. Please pray for wisdom and strength for us as we lead and encourage the broken. Pray that God will heal their wounds and restore their sense of self-worth and joy. “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

Upcoming Mountain Outreach

img_0814At the beginning of December we will be making our annual outreach trip into the mountains to the village of Ha Makopela. This will be our fourth trip to this area, and last year we extended our visits into the nearby village, Ha Leohloa. The people there were incredibly open to the Gospel as well. God moved and changed many lives last year; there were a number of breakthroughs in people’s lives and a number of kids, youth and adults who came to Christ. We look forward to seeing and encouraging them in faith, to share with them in their struggles and rejoice with them in their joys. One of the strongholds that we always fight against is ancestral worship, as the people believe deeply in their traditional religious practices. We ask that you be with us in prayer as we spiritually prepare for battle and that during this time God will transform the residents of Ha Makopela!

The Sweet Shop

img_4932Godfrey has recently started a small business in town. “The Sweet Shop” sells candy, baked goods, nuts, dried fruit, and biltong (beef jerky.) The intent of the business is to provide income for the Mosobase family and ministry, to create jobs for the unemployed youth within the LXP discipleship program, and to encourage patrons with the Gospel as the Lord provides the
opportunity through conversations.


img_4760Sophie is One Year old! It was such a joy to celebrate her birthday on October 20th. We gathered with family, friends and our young neighbors from the village to sing “Happy Birthday,” enjoy a meal and cupcakes, and have fun playing in the yard. Sophie was also dedicated at church this month; we continue to pray that she will grow to love God and love people. She is beginning to say a few words, some in English and some in Sesotho. She is a very active little girl, around the house and out in the yard. Her favorite thing to do is play outside in the sand or picking up rocks and today she began to walk by herself! She is such a delight.


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