Mimic Moon Joy

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We rang in the New Year with many friends at a delightful party hosted by the Crosby family! January has proven to be a busy beginning and Evan looks forward to the opportunities 2019 will bring. He is grateful for everyone’s support through prayers, food, visits, and contributions which continue to equip Evan to recover in body and spirit. His MRI results have been good so his MRI testing is now every three months instead of every two months! His speech has improved giving him the ability to share his story and scriptures everywhere he goes. Since the physical therapy ended, he has continued to improve his balance using water therapy and home exercise. His daily exercise routine is building strength, stamina and helping him return to his goal weight. His left side remains mostly paralyzed, including no use of his left arm.

With his faith in God and his service dog, Evan moves forward in confidence, that the left leg will do its job, even though he can not feel it. Now, Evan is being challenged to master stairs. He is using his blessings of improvement to help others and every Wednesday he provides transportation for a young  person to and from youth church meetings. He would love an opportunity to volunteer to serve in ministry. He holds a Master’s Degree in Theology and he always wants to be involved in ministry. As he adjusts to the new routines, schedules, insurance coverage changes, medicines and appointments, Evan stays focused on his improvements and says “What more can I do?”

Today Evan wants to say to everyone: “Awesome times with family and friends, reminding me of how much I have recovered, pushes me to fight harder. 2019 is looking brighter everyday. There is joy in giving and I am learning the joy in allowing others to help me along the way.”

Thank you to all who have continued to pray for Evan and his family through a long hard journey that continues to take them in new directions, with new challenges. They stay focused on the blessings and the miracles and as Evan’s birthday approaches we all can say together: “Thank you Jesus!” – Denise Moon, Evan’s mama

Cheers to 2019! Grace Klein Community, Inc. appreciates the contributions of the Moon family as they work to secure donations to serve countless families through community outreach efforts. They have recently secured a donated toaster oven for the new community house and 46 cases of cookies (and counting) for our upcoming monthly food delivery. No matter what your circumstances, you can always be involved and find a way to share your contacts and connections to benefit the entire community. The Moons have been secret cookie collectors for years, through a donor relationship they have established for Grace Klein Community, and those cookies have been distributed to hundreds of families. The Moon family also prays for Grace Klein Community and makes the time to give a phone call or come to Birmingham, AL, to encourage other community members. Talk about being a vital part of GKC! What connections or resources do you have that could make a difference for someone else?

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