Moon Miracles

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“The Moon family says, “Welcome 2020 and all the miracles to come”! Thank you to everyone who has blessed Evan with support through prayers, calls, visits, meals, and donations since his cancer and stroke battle began in 2016. The year 2019 was busy with therapy appointments, adventures, and new normals. Evan is happy and positive and never says “why me.”

Everyone’s question is “How is Evan doing? Here is the answer…

Evan’s walk has improved so much that a wheelchair or walking stick are only necessary on longer outings or uneven ground. He still needs his service dog to keep on a straight path, but he has come a long way from being completely wheelchair dependent. He still has balance issues. His left leg and foot do not always cooperate so he has learned to walk, not run. The left arm and hand have been very slow to rehabilitate. Exercise is part of a daily routine and movement is possible, but only with great concentration and effort. The left hand is still unable to grip or hold objects. So many daily tasks require two hands! He has not given up on strengthening the left side of his body as God continues to work in his life.

Spelling is a challenge and word recall is sometimes difficult, but he learns new words every day. His speech has come from being totally unable to speak to wonderful conversations about sharing the Bible and prayers with anyone that expresses a need in their life. Evan has a unique ability to connect with people at restaurants, drive-thru’s, movies, grocery stores, Home Depot, Lowes, the Lego store, and wherever his day is spent.

Daily medicines and MRI testing every four months are used to maintain and monitor Evan’s condition. His MRIs remain wonderfully stable. He has a great team of Emory doctors and medical staff and feels blessed to have access to what he needs. Every day is an adventure that begins at 9AM with breakfast and listening to Bible readings. He participates in a weekly men’s Bible study, he is a youth co-leader at church on Sundays, is a member of a jeep off road group, and recently joined an adult Lego club. He enjoys life and is always looking for a way to help others. His parents alternate being with him and he will recruit them to help someone if the task is one he cannot do himself. Fatigue sets the limits on how much he can do and the length of his outings are based on how much he must walk or stand. His love for God, his crazy sense of humor and his desire to reach out to people in need keep him engaged in life. 

Please pray for Evan to continue to feel encouraged and for stable MRI results. Please pray for Evan’s parents to continue to be able to be home with him and have the wisdom needed for his home therapy. He is always accompanied by his service dog and a parent or close friend. Please praise God with us as we thank Him for so many blessings and miracles. Evan’s message to everyone is… “Prayer and an intimate relationship with the Lord (on a daily basis) changes attitudes and interactions with people”. Go Evan! Thank you Jesus!” – Terry and Denise Moon   

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