Moon Take Thy Flight

“Evan has been doing well and has been busy.

We are on our own for physical therapy and that has been a challenge. He has to work in “sets” throughout the day and we try to make everyday tasks a part of therapy as much as possible. The therapists evaluate his progress once a month and they have been pleased. His walk has improved and strengthening his left leg is a big goal. His left arm and hand still do not function, but he continues to challenge both and some feeling has returned. Speech and spelling are also something he has to work on each day.

His latest MRI results were amazing and the report was “stable and decreased”. What a blessing! Evan completed his last chemotherapy treatment on Saturday, July 8, 2017! It has been a long year of chemotherapy, though the year has been filled with many many blessings.

Evan has really enjoyed “Lego therapy” and the Star Wars series has kept him busy. The finished items have been fun and amazing!

The wonderful puzzle that so many generous people contributed to has been taken to a friend to frame and we had hoped to have pictures for this post, but the framing has not been completed. Thank you all again for your prayers and support.

We are in the process of training a service dog and we were blessed with a wonderful boxer mix rescue. His training will be done in segments, over time.  We have been so blessed to find a trainer, Top Dogg Rashad, that specializes in veteran service dog training. He has a heart for the dogs and the people that need them.

Evan experienced a “dream come true” this month when his friends Chris and Silvana, who own Azule Motorsports, invited him to experience the fun and feeling of a race car at full speed on a track. He had a great time on and off the track with his friends!

We also had the opportunity to meet Jason from GKC halfway from our homes for dinner. He and Evan had a great visit. And we were blessed with more food supplies! Thank you Grace Klein Community! Visits and time with friends are still great medicine to break up the routine of pills, exercises and doctor appointments.

Still an important part of Evan’s life is making others smile. He surprised his friend, Joseph, at work to celebrate Joseph’s birthday. These are things Evan tries to share to bless others. He never misses an opportunity to share his story, his blessings, God’s word, or to compliment a stranger.

The plan now is to get Evan’s strength back after this last treatment and then to get him on the road to adventure and visiting friends. Road trips will be a priority while we continue to stay committed to home physical therapy. We are excited for Evan to see friends and to visit places he has always wanted to see.