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Our Louisiana Lady

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“Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the young women.” – Song of Solomon 2:2 “Every day is a new day at Grace Klein Community. From the food we rescue, to the clothes we receive and even the volunteers that walk through our doors, we never really know what we are going to get… but we welcome it all. Occasionally we will have someone volunteer that needs community service hours and elects to fill them at GKC. This is how we met Gretta Daughenbuagh.
Gretta originally came to Grace Klein, along with a few other residents of a local transitional home, to serve one day in exchange for hours of credit. Most people see having to work community hours as an irritation or an annoyance, but Gretta used her situation as a place to shine. What we, nor Gretta would realize at the time was, a Divine exchange took place that day in Gretta’s heart and ours. What started out as a few hours, maybe once a week, has turned into a daily love affair for her with GKC. Gretta has been coming almost every single day, not for the hours, but for the fellowship. Gretta works so hard and is as dedicated as they come. It’s not unusual for her to forget about asking for a “sign off” her community service hours each week because she comes out of love and purpose… and it shows! Gretta has even begun to spread the word, back at the place she lives, about Grace Klein Community and how much fun it is to serve here. She can be found at our office most days, before I come in, and is always the last volunteer to leave. Isn’t it something how when we are obedient to “show up” regardless of our reasons, that God has a way of using us for His purposes and blessing many in the process? I don’t know what we are going to do when you go back to Louisiana Gretta! You have certainly come in and raised the bar for all our volunteers. Thank you for choosing Grace Klein and for loving us well!” – Tracie Mark Smith

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