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Debra Cinquemani of Thrivent Financial wanted to grow her page likes so she decided to give Grace Klein Community a non-perishable food item for every new like. Before her little give, she had 67 likes. After her “likes challenge” she gave over 270 food donations, one for every new like, and her friend matched that give too!! Then Vintage Comfort Food Co. followed Deb’s example, offering up the same page likes and giving commitment, proving again that generosity inspires generosity.

We appreciate everyone – the ones who hit the like button; the ones who gave canned food, the ones who stocked the shelves and the ones who will give the food away.

As we think about why sharing time, resources and finance matters, we wanted to share some of the testimonials and thank you’s we received this month…

“I just want to say thank you for Everything everyone does up there! I just left and was able to get some great low carb food. Its really helping me control my gestational diabetes risk during this pregnancy and help my elderly in laws with their diabetes. 💖”

“Thank you so much!! This was such a blessing to me and my family!! And I’m waiting to bless a friend and her family now!! Thank you also for praying with me. there is healing in the name of Jesus!! Thank God for this ministry!!”

“ty so much for all my blessings I’m so grateful I can bless my neighbor and family PRAISE GOD FOR YOUR MINISTRY”

“Yesterday’s donuts were huge hit at Liberty’s VBS yesterday! Thanks, GKC💕”

“I did my first pick up this week and had alot of friends pick up from my house over the last few days.”

“I was able to bless a food-challenged family of four tonight (mama lost her job) with milk and oranges… They are so very thankful.😍 Thank you GKC for all that you do to bless families in The ‘Ham❤🥰”

“Wow! Thank you seems inadequate. We were blessed with an amazing assortment of food for meals and some clothes for the kids!”

“He was so excited to get some fresh produce and milk and bread and save some funds to go towards fixing his car. So blessed. Thank you so much for having gkc I really get to see first hand how it helps those out. Blessed beyond measure. God is so good to us.”

“I was picking up the totes when I put the flower pot in the flower bed & all I could think about was the many feet that have come through GKC to be a blessing or to be blessed. I am so grateful I am a part of the Love Big, God can do it, Jesus Gangsters attitudes GKC so freely shares. Feeling blessed.”

“A special thank you to the staff, connected parties and other resources that support the causes of Grace Klein Community! A special thank you to all of the volunteers for what each of you do, seen and unseen to support GKC! A special thank you to each of you for your time, sacrifices, and demonstrating the acts of loving, serving, and sharing to the public from GKC!

John 15:12 “My command is this LOVE each other as I have loved YOU.”

Luke 6:38 “GIVE and it will be given to you. A GOOD MEASURE pressed down, shaken together,and RUNNING OVER, will be POURED into YOUR LAP. For with the measured you use, It will be measured to you.”

Hebrews 13:16 “And do not FORGET to do GOOD AND SHARE with others, for with such sacrifices GOD IS PLEASED.”

It is my PRAYER that GOD will continue to bless each family at GKC and the recipients that share God’s blessings with others.

Ps.112:2 “Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright be blessed.”

Wow, just wow!!!!!

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