Quietly Steady

Days 49-95 Operation “Quietly Steady”

Over the last 46 days we may have been quiet about the progress of the community house, but God has been very busy moving the project forward. Three diverse groups shared their talents with us. Focus on Recovery ladies served through painting, cleaning and breaking apart pallets. Turning Point demolished the back deck, broke apart pallets, completed the excavation for the downstairs plumbing, and cleaned/pressure-washed the exterior elevations. Church of the Highlands, Grandview Campus, shared a first Saturday serve by cleaning, digging of deck footings, exterior painting (3/4 of body of exterior completed) and yard work. We also had a surprise friend from Mississippi (who a Grace Klein Community team helped with home renovations and water towers when he served as a missionary in Belize) come to help for 4 days and most of the old Belize missionary team came together last Saturday to spend time with Paul Sims.

Over the last 95 days 203 different individuals have served at the home. How Jesus shocking to receive so much community support. Only God motivates and inspires that many people to join in with such an extensive community project.

Thanks to volunteers, the following tasks were also accomplished during the last 46 days:

  • electrical work upstairs completed
  • all the upstairs interior doors built
  • painting of bedroom ceilings
  • scrapping of hallway ceiling completed
  • baseboard replaced in one bedroom
  • some trim painted
  • footing inspection for deck passed off and footings poured
  • rotten front porch posts replaced
  • upstairs walls insulated and ready for drywall
  • prayer room flooring installed
  • HVAC equipment donated and waiting to be installed

We still have work awaiting us, so please join us with financial support, volunteering of your time, sharing of connections and prayer support as we press on to complete the project. We look forward to how God will use this home for His purposes. From encouragement meals, to worship nights and from budget help to prayer support, we are trusting God to use the community house to edify the body of Christ.

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