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Riding the Weaver Wave

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Can you remember what you were doing at age 16? Most of us were learning to drive and getting up the nerve to go on a date. Maybe you were focused on good grades or excelling in sports to get into a great college. Whatever it was, you probably were not planning a trip to Toledo, Ohio to visit a medical specialist.

Kaitlyn Weaver is doing just that. Born with a rare condition that has caused issues with her immune system, blood, joints, tissues, and organs, Kaitlyn has endured 53 surgeries in her short 16 years. Described by her family as someone with a strong spirit and amazing willpower, Kaitlyn never gives up, always has a smile on her face, and is always looking for a way to give back to others.

Kaitlyn needs our help. She has developed problems with her heart, allowing blood to pool in certain parts of her body. In three weeks, she and her family will travel to Toledo by car (Kaitlyn cannot fly due to her medical issues) and visit a specialist who hopefully can help her. Hotel costs, out-of-state medical costs, food, and gas will all have to be covered for the duration of the time they are there. Could you help alleviate some of the burden of this cost?

Any amount makes a difference, and our goal is the Weavers traveling to Ohio with expenses fully covered so they can focus on Kaitlyn’s health. All donations will be paid directly to vendors for medical bills, co-pays, housing, utility expenses, or used to buy gas cards, restaurant gift cards, and the like for their travel. Your donation is tax deductible through Grace Klein Community.

Visit to make a donation. When you select Assistance Program please select “Write Us a Comment” and notate “Weaver family” in the notes. (See photo below.)

If you want to follow more of her journey, follow and send her notes of encouragement.

Be sure to choose these settings when donating!