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“At the end of April we hosted our “STAND OUT” themed camp for 68 campers and leaders. We explored how God created each one of us uniquely special, and how as followers of Christ we are called to stand out from the world and be different from those who don’t know the Lord. When we act like Jesus we shine like a city on a hill; others are impacted by our example and drawn to God’s gift of salvation.

The most notable aspect of this camp was the way it rained from the time we arrived, straight through until the time we got home! Apart from a few hours of sun one afternoon, which allowed for some games outside, all of the sessions, meals, activities, and games were executed inside the hall. However, rather than being a hindrance, the weather-induced close quarters fostered a sense of intimacy and the kids said it made for a memorable camp experience.

The camp was also an awesome opportunity to watch individuals learn new things or demonstrate growth they have undergone in recent months. Our relatively new group of student leaders grew in confidence as they led small groups of campers during sessions and activities and matured as mentors discipling their peers. One of our older youth, Seutloali, functioned as the program leader for the weekend and he amazed us with his developed leadership skills. His desire is to complete the LXP training program in South Africa. Another one of our former student leaders, Malefe, runs a cell phone and electronics store after finishing high school. He gave a generous donation to this camp from his profits and continues to be a light for Jesus by the way he lives out his faith in the business sphere. Another of our older boys, Thabiso, has been a student leader for many years and since his completion of high school last year he has stepped up to lead a teaching session at camp and help with another discipleship program run at a local primary school. We are so grateful for the opportunity to invest in these young people at camp and the way God is transforming their lives and testimonies as they seek Him!

Currently, and Upcoming…

Since camp, we’ve had a little over a month of steady ministry routine with our school discipleship programs, worship team, computer classes, community bible study group, Saturday Youth Program and Student Leaders training, and our business in town, The Sweet Shop. Now, we will have a shift as the schools close for winter break. We will run more activities for the kids in our village while they are out of school and take advantage of their increased focus during the Saturday Program as they have fewer activities vying for their attention. With great joy, we also welcome back our long time staff member, Limpho, back to full time service with LXP after he spent five months working as a construction apprentice to earn supplemental income.

At the end of this month we are looking forward to welcoming a team from Poetice International’s School of Justice and Mission in Choma, Zambia. We are encouraged to welcome these partners for their third outreach to Lesotho and we look forward to serving together in our community and youth ministry programs, and working on some development projects at the LXP Lesotho Base” – Elizabeth Mosebase

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