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Swaziland Trip 2017

After nearly three years of waiting, working on fundraisers and sharing about Lesibovu in numerous settings, we are excited about our trip later this month to return to Swaziland, Africa on a short term mission trip to Lesibovu, the CarePoint we’ve had a relationship with now for nearly six years.

Here are some questions answered that you may have about the upcoming trip:

Who is on the team?
James, Abi and I (Jennifer Vines) will be serving with Kids Around the World, a great organization whose mission “is to impact the lives of kids with God’s transforming hope. We engage children across the globe through the simple strategy of ‘Play. Feed. Train.’, restoring opportunity to war-ravaged and poverty-stricken communities. Households discover the freedom of enough food, joyful thriving children, and the life-altering power of the gospel.” KATW have already made an impact through resources invested in Swaziland and we are excited that God has connected us with this awesome ministry.

How long will we be there?
Our goal is to arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa, on May 24 and leave on June 4. We will see some sites, visit with local missionaries, and spend the majority of our time with the children at the CarePoint, and in home visits, connecting with families on a personal level.

What are we going to do?
We will build an enormous, sturdy playground to give the children of that community a safe place to play for years to come. A million meals have already been delivered to the country of Swaziland and more are on the way. Training of local leaders will also be done in the art of story telling and sharing of God’s Word in a practical, simple way. This wise method will change generations of people without any need for materials or even those outside their community since leaders will be able to train more leaders, and the Bible will be able to be shared continually.

How can I get involved?
We would love for your prayers as we prepare to go. That preparation includes many things like fundraising, spiritually focusing on the ultimate ministry goals, packing, having our boys cared for while we are away, asking neighbors to feed pets, and mentally getting ready for about 30 or more hours of travel each way. Africa is so far away!! We eagerly anticipate sharing with you how God works through our team when we return. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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