The Faithfulness of our Father

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“August 2019 and I’m back in Dakar for a second year teaching at Dakar, Academy. We have over two dozen new staff and a new campus opening west of the city next month. Growth and change and a refreshing call for our community to live and work in unity welcome us to a new year. As I’m compiling student data, organizing syllabuses, and planning each class… God paused me. This summer marked the 17th year since I first left America to explore missions, God’s love and ultimately a life lived recklessly obedient to Him. Doing the math, that’s half my life. Simply put: it’s not easy, but it’s so, so good. I’ve been tempted to live off the glory of the past. Depend on myself. Trusting my instinct and self-righteousness. There have been silent times with the Lord as I’ve busied myself with non-essentials. Then I come to His throne again. To be loved and transformed. Because He is there. That dependence has proven God’s faithfulness. Again and again. He called. He led. He protected. He guided. He provided. He spoke. He loved. He reigned. Continuously. Walking into a new school year I feel like a kid in His arms again. I can’t do this without Him. I need His presence. I need His grace. I need His Word. I need His strength. Just as if this were my first time. Time has not now nor ever dulled my love or belief in Him. God gave me a promise a few years back for a “blue door”. My classroom door is a bright blue. (Smile.) And 17 years later I can still trust His work in my life because I trust His faithfulness. I am trusting that I am more than a teacher. I trust He’ll take me and this year and do the crazy and reckless things He does to show off His love. Consider partnering with me to be involved in what God is transforming in Senegal!” – Caitlin Woodward

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