The King’s Way

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Have you ever thought about the ways of our King?! He saves! He is generous and gentle. He cares for our needs and ministers to our hearts. He is kind and compassionate and full of love. He is merciful and forgiving. He gives without expecting anything in return. He listens and He speaks. He is a Teacher and a Healer. He changes us!

Maybe these are some of the reasons why King’s Way Church chose their name because they are seeking to live the King’s Way. One thing they do every month is food ministry. They invite people in, pray, share Jesus, people meet Christ and they give food away. Lately, they are partnering with us and sharing their overage food to further fuel our food ministry.

THANK YOU to King’s Way Church for sharing potatoes, bell peppers and chips with Grace Klein Community this month. We are honored to feed people alongside you. We have a mutual hope, how the simplicity and practicality of a box of food will bring relational healing and new life to the hearts of people. We give out all the things, including your shared potatoes, bell peppers and chips because of the hope of Jesus. Jesus fed people and he delighted in the unity of His people. We treasure living “the King’s way” with you!

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