The “Moon” Rides Again

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“Hello to all of Evan’s friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors. Evan has been really busy with doctor appointments, rehabilitation work outs, visiting family and friends, and getting back on a cycle…a three wheel cycle! He has missed riding with friends from Redemptive Cycle, so with their help one of his wish list items has been accomplished. He now rides a reclinear Sunseeker Tadpole three wheel cycle with personalized settings and the brake controls on the right side, and his brother gifted him mountain bike pedals and shoes that lock his left foot onto the pedal. He is enjoying the ride and the freedom.

He was able to join his friends and “family” from Alabama on a campsite at Oak Mountain State Park. Time spent with everyone at the campsite and around the fire, sharing fellowship and food, and sharing his story was so special for him. Evan realized that even though he cannot camp in the rustic way he used to (tent camping and ground sleeping are not possible so he has to RV camp,) he can still enjoy the campfires, the fellowship, and all the goodness and blessings God has created in the great outdoors. The camping trip was truly an uplifting trip for Evan. Thank you to everyone who cooked and kept the camp going (even in the rain) and provided rides to the campsite.

The whole family, including Evan’s service dog and nephew, made the trip to Panama City Beach, Florida, for family time and beach fun. Evan enjoyed the feel of the sand on his bare feet and the sunsets that are so beautiful on the ocean. Some of you may remember that the beach was the first thing on Evan’s wish list after leaving the hospital.  His Uncle Leland and Evan’s dear friend Jason helped make that possible in 2016. He was so happy to be back there again this year…stronger and healthier. He even used the pool for his water therapy and played Frisbee (using his right hand) with his nephew. Ultimate Frisbee was a favorite past time so to have the Frisbee in his hand again felt great. And one more wish list item was accomplished…go cart driving. He took on the challenge of getting in and out of the go cart and had a great time on the track. Happiness was the word for the day!

The best part of this update is the results for Evan’s MRI and his dad’s results for his thyroid cancer surgery follow-up. Evan’s MRI results are once again “good and stable” and the areas effected by the radiation are IMPROVED! What a wonderful surprise to learn that it is possible for the brain to begin healing in these areas. The exam resulted in improved strength in his arm and leg and the doctor was encouraging that more healing is possible. He has some movement with his arm and the doctor says the hand may still regain movement with time. The leg is much stronger and with the help of the service dog, Evan has had fewer “near falls.” He will continue physical and occupational therapy at Emory and at home. He is working hard at home to practice all the exercises the therapists teach him to improve balance and remind his brain that the arm and leg need to move. Evan’s dad had good results on his ultrasound and blood tests indicating that his thyroid cancer was thoroughly removed with surgery. They both have more surveillance appointments scheduled, but feel so blessed by these good reports.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, cards, meals, visits and encouragement as Evan continues to recover. As we write this, a friend is busy rebuilding our front steps so that Evan can safely walk out the front door. We are so blessed by generous people. Please keep Evan in your thoughts and prayers as we work to schedule appointments, fight for medicines, and look for God’s will in our many decisions. Evan still has a wish list for things he would like to accomplish and hopes for a job and a family in his future. Thank you, Jesus, for all the blessings.” – Denise Moon

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