The Wonder of Wanda

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“I met Wanda in the summer. Wanda had no place to go after leaving the hospital, but through friends, managed to settle in a little trailer way south of town.

Wanda has the sweetest giggle. I wish you could hear it. She doesn’t really complain about much of anything, despite having lots of knee problems, back problems, and having to lug a heavy old oxygen tank around everywhere she goes.

Wanda’s husband died in a fire that consumed her home a few years ago. Wanda blames herself because she wanted to save their animals, and he went back in for them. I tell her it’s not her fault. Wanda’s son is addicted to drugs, and destroyed her credit a few years back.

Due to several hospital stays, and lots of tough living situations, Wanda is way behind financially. She literally has negative dollars in her bank account. She overdrew, to pay some bills.

My husband and I have tried to help Wanda lessen her monthly expenses, including liquidating a storage unit full of possessions, which Wanda readily donated or sold when we cleared it out. She spent many hours drawing Christmas cards in her little room this past Christmas and selling them online. She wants to work and earn her situation and life, and doesn’t look for handouts. But she just can’t get out of the hole she’s gotten into without some help.
I believe that with your help, Wanda can become independent again. I’m really depending on God to provide, in a miraculous way, $1,500 for Wanda so that she can get current on her bank account, and have a few dollars to spare for prescriptions at the end of the month.

If you feel the Lord leading you to give to help Wanda get back on her feet again, check donations can be mailed to: Grace Klein Community, 1678 Montgomery Hwy #104, Birmingham, AL 35216.

Online donations can be share via:

Third party vendors will be paid directly on behalf of Wanda. All donations are 100% tax-deductible as Grace Klein Community is a 501(c)3 non-profit. As part of our give back requirement, Wanda will serve to “pay back” the support she receives.

Please include “Wanda” in the memo/designation line.

If you aren’t able to give financially, you might be able to help in another way! We’re looking for someone who has a room and bathroom for rent for Wanda, in a stair-free home for less than $400/mo, including utilities. If you know anyone who has this available, please contact Diana Martin at 205.201.1156!” – Diana Martin, Grace Klein Community Volunteer

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