Update from Belize

In mid-March, a team went to Belize through ZIMM Ministries to dig wells and deliver computers. They shared a wonderful story with us that we wanted to pass on to you because it is yet another example of how God longs for us to commune with Him for our answers. Their first priority was to dig a well for a lady they had visited last year, Ms. Mary. They had tried all week to dig a well for her last time and kept hitting bedrock. They left in frustration, but they also left with a soft spot in their hearts for Ms. Mary because of her great joy and hope. She prayed over them before they left with a humble and beautiful prayer of thanksgiving.

So, over the last year, these guys prayed and searched for equipment that could dig wells more easily in the Belizian jungle. God provided the equipment and provided the means to get it down there. When they got there and went to Ms. Mary’s, they dug and hit bedrock several times. They decided to stop and pray for God to show them where to dig. One of the guys said he felt God saying that Ms. Mary had the answer. So, he went to her and told her what God had said. She was doubtful, but led him to a spot that looked impossible. It was inconvenient, hard to access, and just didn’t look right. They dismissed it and asked her to make another suggestion. She did, they dug, and hit bedrock again. She went back to the “bad” spot, they dismissed it again, and she chose another spot. They dug, hit bedrock again. Finally, they all went back to the unlikely spot that Ms. Mary had picked. They dug and water almost immediately started gushing. Ms. Mary now has fresh water to drink, not just for her, but for her community. There are so many lessons we can learn from this – that God uses unlikely people, places, things, for His glory because they seem impossible to us; that God wants us to ask Him for our answers and to listen when He gives them; that God can always use our frustration and hardship to grow and change us.

Another great thing God did through this team was to deliver computers to King’s College for their computer lab. These computers were donated by a local company that downsized last year. The college desperately needed newer equipment in order to teach the students in their IT classes. They only had 9 working computers for about 30 students per class. They now have around 23 computers, and hopefully will get a few more when a team goes later this year.


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