Waller Family Adoption


“Some of you know that our family has been called to adopt. We are adopting from Sierra Leone, a country on the west coast of Africa. There are so many children in this region of Africa who have been orphaned after their parents died from the Ebola virus. Our boy (his center gave him the name Tyler-this is not his real name) is 14 years old and has cerebral palsy. There are so many older children with special needs all over the world who just get overlooked and left behind. If not for the center he is in, this would be the case for Tyler. We know he is the one for our family. We have been praying for him and are so excited to welcome him to our family!

This whole process really came about suddenly. We’ve always thought adoption was a great idea, just maybe not for us. At least not yet. A friend of mine (Rebekah) posted a link on Facebook from Reece’s Rainbow, an adoption grant site for children with Down’s Syndrome and other special needs, of a sibling group of 5 who wanted to stay together. I usually don’t click on these things, but I was heartbroken for this group of kids who wanted to stay together, but likely couldn’t because no one would agree to such a large group.

After reading about this sibling group, I clicked on another link for other “older” kids. I had barely scrolled down when I saw Tyler. I instantly felt a connection. I couldn’t get him out of my head. I prayed and cried and wrestled. I talked to my husband and kids about him, and so many others waiting on homes.  My husband wasn’t fully on board … yet.

God kept Tyler on my heart for a month. I had checked back several times and a new boy had been added from the same country as Tyler. This boy would be aging out in about 6 months and then wouldn’t be able to be adopted internationally at all. This happens a lot all over the world. I and my oldest son both begged my husband to let us pursue this further. We couldn’t let this older boy age out with NO family. Well guess what? We were too late and he had been matched (Praise the Lord!), but you know who hadn’t been matched yet? Tyler! It was meant to be.

We are thrilled to be answering God’s call to bring an orphan into our family. We hope that you will pray and consider joining us either through prayer or through giving financially. (Or both!) We would fly as fast as we could to get sweet Tyler if money wasn’t an obstacle. However, the fact remains that the costs of adoption are a deterrent for many because they are so high. We don’t want it to be a deterrent, because it will be so worth it in the end. Agency/Country fees alone are $22,500 and then add to that passports, visas, immigration paperwork, fingerprints, immunizations, medical reports, home study costs, plane tickets and lodging (for 3 required trips), and monthly sponsorship in country for Tyler…we’re looking at $45,000+. It’s staggering, but its not surprising to God. I know that he can overcome any obstacle, we just have to trust.

I can’t wait to see how God will provide through people. We’ve already had people surprise us with donations and prayers that have helped us through most of the home study process and unexpected expenses that came with that. Right now, our agency wants us to travel near the end of October, which is sooner than we expected. This means our first agency payment of $5275 and all of our travel expenses have to be paid before then. Be in prayer that these needs will be met in a mighty way.

Thank you!

Jason, Rebekah, Eli, Micah, Isaiah and Noah Waller

Grace Klein Community has provided a trailer of donated items for the Waller Family yard sale to help raise funds for their adoption.

The yard sale will take place on Friday, September 30, 2016 (4pm – 6pm) AND Saturday, October 1, 2016 (6:30am – 3pm)

Location: 6527 Quail Run Drive, Pelham, AL 35124

Let’s show our love and support by stopping by!


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