Weekly Events


Monday Night Prayer Night

IMG_6710For many years, Grace Klein Community members have gathered together on Monday evenings. Over the years, the people who come change due to school commitments, sports, and work shifts, but every person who has ever come, has a deep commitment to the rest of the community. Whether they can attend this week or not, people remember the prayers God has answered, the stories missionaries have shared, the God moments, the time their kids first prayed out loud, the scripture verses we memorize together, the drum circles, the random food, the babies, the kids running through the house, the tears of brokenness and restoration, the grief of loss, the confessions, the forgiveness and grace, the study of the word, the worship, the laughter, the bonfires, the loads of dirty dishes, the coffee mugs, on and on it goes.

IMG_6802Something about a home environment creates intimacy, trust and vulnerability. We expose our brokenness and allow God to heal us because we want more of Jesus. We learn to share our hard moments to help bear the load of another’s pain and sorrow. We celebrate birthdays and babies, school grades and graduations. We learn to live life together.

Anyone is welcome. We meet every Monday night, sharing leftovers at 6:00 PM and starting worship around 6:30 PM.

Come to 2328 Deerwood Road, Hoover, AL 35216, and join us any week. Come as you are.

If you need any further information, feel free to contact the Grace Klein Community office at 205.390.2211.


Taco Wednesdays

IMG_6817You never know what will happen when you open your home each week to a group of people and gather around the family table.  You certainly don’t start out even imagining that those people will become family.  What started as a simple invitation for a few single guys to join our family for dinner one night has turned into a regular meal we share each week.  It is my favorite night of the week.  Every Wednesday at our house, we make tacos.  We eat.  We laugh.  We share stories.  After the meal, we worship.  We encourage.  We pray.  We share what we are learning about Jesus…or ourselves.  Whatever we are doing, everyone is free to relax and to be real.

IMG_6818Months ago, our dining room table was covered with brown craft paper.  Markers were placed on the table for people to draw or jot down things they were thankful for.  We’ve had so much thankfulness that the brown craft paper has been replaced multiple times. Sometimes someone will write scripture that has been encouraging or thought provoking. We keep needing more blank space to doodle and write.  Each doodle and sentence is a memory that has taken place around our dining room table.  “Our” family table, that can be your family table too.

We would love for you to join us for taco night when you can.  We meet each Wednesday at 6:00 PM for dinner. 

For further information and directions, please contact Scott and Alison Elliott via scott@gracekleincommunity.com or barnabasgirl436@gmail.com.


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