What. Where. Why?

“I love Africa. I have loved it even before I knew and loved Jesus. I am drawn to the bright cultures and the warmth of their compassion. Africa loves big and loves loud. They love without the limitations of time or resources. Much like Grace Klein Community.

A few years ago, living in Atlanta, I began hearing friends mention Grace Klein Community.  In passing I am sure I must have met members of their community and got wind of the work and love they were spreading in Alabama and overseas. Most of my friends are crazy, so I was just humbled to be within ear shot of all they were doing for Kingdom purpose.

Fortunately, that wasn’t enough. After a camping weekend in 2016 I became so beautifully overwhelmed by all they honestly do for others in their community. I was stunned by their commitment and drive to offer others more love, more food, more prayer, more wisdom, and more comfort than any other American group of friends I have known before.

I am beyond grateful to be partnering with Grace Klein Community in my new season to Senegal, West Africa. I have been accepted as a full time teacher with Dakar Academy. Dakar Academy serves both missionary and business families living in Western Africa. I will have the privilege of working with a stunning staff dedicated to teaching and mentoring a most unique group of students representing the fruit of the next generation. This rare opportunity combines my passion for youth, skills in media and heart for Africa in one job. I have spent weeks trying to receive how grand a gift this is to me from my Father God.”  HERE I AM SEND ME – Caitlin Woodward

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