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Our most important function is as a ministry. This means people come FIRST. No matter what task is at hand we do everything in our power to make a place for everyone. We stop and listen, we pray, we help encourage gifts, skills, and purpose. We foster relationships with people where they are, whether it is in abundance or crisis. Our vision comes down to the basics of the early church: “We all have a need, we all have something to give. If we all share what we have, we all have what we need.”

We honor diversity as a gift from God, recognizing it enhances our strength, innovation, and reflects the beautiful tapestry of the community we are called to serve. Grace Klein Community is dedicated to fostering an inclusive work environment, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We believe in working together towards a common vision, where compassion meets action and every contribution makes a difference. Our staff members are encouraged to inspire resourcefulness and challenged to take risks and create unique solutions to meet the needs of those we serve. No matter the task at hand, we seek to build relationships with every person we encounter and point them to Jesus, who is our ultimate hope.

Grace Klein Community staff members operate in a variety of disciplines and roles in our Hub location in Bessemer, Alabama, our food rescue drop-off and distribution locations in Calera and Hoover, Alabama, and at remote locations in the greater Birmingham, Alabama area. Join us in our mission to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others and spread hope to those who need it most.