Internship Musings

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“My time at Grace Klein was a huge blessing to me! Grace Klein Community provided me with the ability to serve people every day. It is truly a place where you get to see firsthand needs being met. My experience at the Liberty Church Food drive-thru was an opportunity to work hard and work quickly, to ensure that everyone who came through the line got what they needed. 

The most beautiful thing about Grace Klein was being able to feel the strong presence of the Lord all around us. I was surrounded by people who loved the Lord and that was what fueled their service. The moments of prayer, of listening and encouraging, and worshipping with other members of the Grace Klein community were so precious. My faith really grew as I watched God continually meet needs. Grace Klein shows that keeping God at the center of all you do makes it a whole lot better! 

If you are considering interning with Grace Klein, do it! Not only will you get to truly make a difference, but you will be surrounded by a loving community. You will get the opportunity to work with a variety of people all united by a desire to serve.” – Sarah Johnson, Samford University