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Stereotype Buster

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“After closing my business in February, I financially sank. I am working, but not making enough to pay all my debts and regular bills. I drive a BMW that I can’t afford and I’ve tried to trade down, but I couldn’t due to owing too much. I feel very guilty for driving my car especially because I’m barely hanging on financially.

So moral of the story, I didn’t want to come to the Grace Klein Community drive thru for food. Well yesterday I felt I didn’t have an option as my money was depleted. I was so anxious and fearful.

The Lord knew my circumstances and my heart and the gentleman who met me first at the Liberty Church Birmingham drive thru, took time to pray for me and eased all my fears, even without me telling my whole story.

Then, I got to the section to get my food box and to my surprise Ms. Zonia was there, whom my son adores.

No one did anything, but show me GRACE and I did not feel the anxiety as I left.

Also, I received fresh flowers and I haven’t been able to put any flowers on my table in months!

Thank you for today.. I appreciate you all so much!❤️” – Anonymous, the vulnerable truth (shared with permission)

**May God help us to slow down, let go of the stereotypes we form in our minds, and get to know the people we can be so quick to judge. What a great perspective this testimony gives us to both sides of the story. May we never quit loving each other. We may be their only safe place!