We Sew Love

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Huffman Baptist Church: 700 Huffman Rd, Birmingham, AL 35215
Wednesdays: 6PM – 7:30PM 
Thursdays: 10 AM – 3PM 
Pawnee Missionary Baptist Church: 2370 Hewitt Drive, Birmingham, AL 35217
Fridays: 9:30 AM – 2 PM 
Liberty Church Birmingham: 2652 Old Rocky Ridge Road, Hoover, AL 35216
Tuesdays: 9 AM – noon
Wednesdays: 5 PM – 8PM 
Thursdays: 9 AM – noon

Sew Charming, LLC: 213 7th Street North, Clanton, AL 35045

Thursdays: 9:30 AM – 4 PM (Led by Melinda Danen)



Our Purpose

First and foremost, it is our express purpose to sow the love of Christ into the hearts of children anywhere God choses to send our finished work. Additionally, we purposefully share God’s great Glory with all who come to work in The Sewing Suite; not only to bring encouragement to fellow Christ followers, but to bring hope to those adults who God sends our way that may yet be lost.


Hope House received their first donation (50# or ready-to-wear clothing) from WSL in Summer 2018. They rescue abused girls (some as young as 11) in the Amazon jungle region.

Real Hope for Haiti (Indiana) missionary, Deanna Newmann, was the initial missionary using items made from up cycled t-shirts. She continues to take 50# of items two to three times a year. RHFH is a hospice center for babies and children. They also offer healthcare clinic services to the surrounding villages. Vapor Ministries (Opelika, Al) missionary group took 50 dresses to one of their people groups in Haiti, Spring 2018. Laborers With Christ (Alta, Ia) received their first shipment of dresses Summer 2018. They work with villagers on agriculture for sustainable income as they bring the Good News to many.

Hope for Honduras received 200# of children’s clothing (WSL dresses and a variety of t-shirts and ready-to-wear items) as well as sheets and towels, April 2019.

The Pawnee Children’s Home in India received a dress or pair of shorts for every child, Winter 2019, from the Pawnee Baptist Church WSL group in Fultondale, AL. They will continue to provide clothing as the need and transportation opportunities allow.
Forty menstruation kits were sent to a Bible College in India with a missionary from Pawnee Missionary Baptist Church. We recently received a thank you letter explaining how significant the donation was for the female students at the college.

Fifty dresses and shorts were sent with a college student member of a short-term mission team., April 2019.

Royce and Sandra Watkins minister to a large community of Muslim refugees in Malaysia. They use WSL items to open doors and begin building relationships with mothers of young children. We provided 25 backpacks, 25 infant hats, 27 bibs, and 11 warm baby blankets in November 2018. Since then, we’ve been working on their request for 50 complete Mama & Me kits (backpack, baby hat, bib, warm blanket, and infant gown) and 25 menstruation kits to be picked-up in May 2019.

Children’s dresses, t-shirts, and shorts were sent with a Rotary Club team on a medical mission, Winter. We will be partnering with this ministry for all three annual mission trips to Mexico.

African Integrative Medicine (AIM) provides care for women and children through a “Mama & Me” Program. We make Baby Kits for the infants and Mama Kits for the women. A Baby Kit contains a warm blanket, an infant kimono gown, a cap, a bib, and a backpack/cinch bag. The Mama Kit contains a set of menstruation pads and some items provided by the AIM doctors.

Abaana’s Hope Village (Four Corners Ministry, Opelika, Al) have an ongoing request with our ministry for underwear and reusable menstruation kits for school-age girls. Their first batch was sent Summer 2017.

Kwathu Children’s Home (Grace Klein Community, Birmingham, Al) missionary team took 100# of items Spring 2018


Baby blankets are a sideline ministry of a few of our volunteers. Blankets are made from all the odd-bits and donated on a regular basis.

QOV-Quilts of Valor
Several of our volunteers make quilts for veterans.

Brother Bryan & Birmingham Foster Family Care
Several of our volunteers work with stitchers at Church at Brookhills to provide quilts and blankets for the men at Brother Bryan Mission downtown and children entering foster care in the Birmingham area.

Area Quilter’s Guilds (Moody, Birmingham, and Evening Star)
Several of our volunteers actively participate in guild groups, making quilts for a variety of local charities. Additionally, these groups’ members frequently helps WSL with initiatives.

Alabama Children’s Hospital
The Beads of Courage program at Alabama Children’s Hospital gives children a specific bead for each treatment visit they come to. We partner with a local quilter’s guild to make the bags children use to collect their beads. We also work with another quilter’s guild to provide child-teen sized quilts for a local clowning ministry.

Grace Klein Community House 
We make toiletry bags for this ministry and frequently assist in their local ministry efforts. GKC provides the majority of t-shirts used by our ministry.

Project Night-Night
This ministry has requested clothing for young children being removed from difficult family situations. We are still working to identify their specific needs.

Eastern Area Ministry
We mend all items with useful life left in them and send to this ministry.

Work Faith Ministry / My Sister’s Closet / Brother Bryan
All “professional” clothing donated is sent to one of these wonderful, local ministries.

North Hill Nursing Home
Adult bibs and wheelchair lap robes are a need we meet through the Pawnee Baptist Church WSL group in Fultondale.Y



Huffman Baptist Church
Our “home” church; the place where God planted the first seeds for We Sew Love. We are now located on the second floor of Building A and have filled our space with a great fleet of sewing equipment and a variety of workspaces that support the work of converting donated clothing into beautiful clothing for children all over the world.

Pawnee Missionary Baptist Church
Our second We Sew Love group in Alabama is just a few miles away in the Fultondale area. This group has grown quickly under the guidance of Clara Christopher. She has been very effective in identifying local needs and mobilizing her group to meet those needs as well as making dresses for missions they have connections with and contributing to WSL-HBC initiatives.

Liberty Church
Our third (and newest) WSL group in the area is just being formed at the time of this report. Liberty has given WSL a three-month trial period. We will be working to inspire the members of Liberty Church as well as members of the Old Rocky Ridge Road community to come together and explore ways they can join in the work of WSL while meeting the unique needs of their community. Initial efforts will include ESL/Quilting sessions, Sewing Moms (Wednesday nights, includes childcare), and Intro Sewing/Bible Study sessions.


Tallahassee- Sew2Sow
A mission-minded group of believers from Tallahassee, Florida came to Huffman Baptist Church to learn how we run an upcycling sewing ministry, how we make the clothing, and how we use both the “making” side and the giving side of the ministry to spread the Good News. They intend to use what they learned to reach out to underprivileged girls in their area.

Orlando – WSL DelWebb
Five believers from Orlando, Florida had Linda Jacobson conduct a training session in their community to teach them how to make the clothing, and to explore how they might use the opportunity to bless children in their area. They are surrounded by migrant orchard workers and their families. The need is great.


Albert City / Alta – Sew Blessed 

These two groups continue to receive donated t-shirts and make dresses for missionaries they have access to. In early 2019 an Iowa newspaper ran a very nice article on the work of these two groups. They’ve recently been asked to help start another group in nearby Nebraska.



Baby Gear

  • Lapped-shoulder undershirts in sizes ranging from preemie to size 1
  • Baby legs ranging from doll size to size 1
  • Blankets; square from 18″ to 30″ with or without an ultra warm lining
  • Bibs
  • Hats
  • Baby Gear Backpack (simple, lined, cinch style w/one zip pocket and kangaroo front pocket.)


  • Malibu dress (simple aline style) in sizes Small, Medium and Large (fits girls age 2 to 14)
  • Magnolia dress w/kangaroo pocket in sizes ranging from size 4 to 14. These will fit adults in some of the people groups we serve.


  • Simple, elastic waist, with two colorful pockets in Small, Medium, and Large. Boys from age 4 to 16 will fit.


  • Unisex Children’s undies are made in extra-small, medium and large.
  • Boxer-briefs are a new item we are beginning to test with a variety of our ministries.

Menstruation Kits

  • A purse or backpack is filled with a set of reusable menstruation pads for school-age girls. These often make the difference of continuing her education or becoming a drop out. A recent shipment of backpacks was used by RHFH to give to the mothers of hospitalized children. They will use the backpacks to carry needed items when they come to visit their child.

Crib Pads

  • Leak-resistant pads (30″ x 30″) are used at the hospice center (RHFH) for the patients who are bed-ridden. They provide the caregivers much needed help with keeping the beds clean without having to change the entire bedsheet 10 times a day.

Burial Gowns

  • RHFH has an on-going need for white burial gowns … it is the reality of their ministry and a wonderful way to spread the gospel. Our gowns all include an embroidered cross, giving the missionaries another opportunity to share the Good News of the cross.

Personal Hygiene Totes (GKC House on the Hill)

  • Unique totes made by WSL specifically for Grace Klein Community’s House on the Hill (HOTH) ministry. The totes are filled with personal care/hygiene items by GKC and given to the women when they arrive at HOTH.

Beads of Courage bags

  • We assist a local quilters guild in making bags for this program. All bags are given to children in Alabama hospitals for catastrophic health issues.


  • We make quilts for a variety of local ministries when we have some downtime or when a specific ministry need comes to our attention. In general we make strip quilt blocks using foundation piecing techniques, though we have the ability to make a wide variety of quilts.

Angel Gowns

  • Similar to the burial gowns we make for RHFH, Angel Gowns are for babies that are now in the arms of Jesus. We feel blessed to have the ability and opportunity to bless parents who have had to say goodbye to their babies before they had the chance to say Hello. Angel gowns are very tine and most are made from donated bridal gowns. We make them available to all local hospitals.


Donate by Mail: by making out a check to "Grace Klein Community" with you designation in the memo line and send it to:

Grace Klein Community, 1678 Montgomery Highway. #104, Birmingham, AL 35216

Donate Online: by filling out the form below. Keep in mind that there will be a 2.9% fee taken from all PayPal donations, though you have the option to pay that fee at the end of the form, if you feel led to be so generous.