Big Hearts, Big Impact

“This past holiday season we had the privilege of delivering Christmas gifts to a family in need. It was amazing delivering a whole car load of gifts that were so generously donated by the Grace Klein Community. The car was full, top to bottom! I could tell by the shock on their faces that they had no idea what they were about to receive. The dad asked if he could pray with us and honestly it was the most heartfelt prayer I have ever been a part of. We have had a bad season ourselves and it was so awesome helping others and making their Christmas brighter. It in turn did the same for us! Many blessings for this family. They are in our daily prayers, and to the Grace Klein Community for the many services they provide.”

felicia-wilson“The GKC Trade Market is an amazing group that is helping families. The staff and volunteers give their time and energy so genuinely and without a second thought. This group is helping people by providing foods that some people aren’t able to purchase after the funds run out from paying bills. The families are provided with hope in knowing there is a place to go and get foods to help assist in hard time. Everyone including the recipients become volunteers. They have become like family.

I pick up food for several families. These families are single parents with kids, some are elderly and some just need assistance. The families are so excited to receive any small amount of help. Every little bit helps, but this group provides as much as you need of what is delivered to them. There are not enough words to express thanks for the assistance received from the group. It certainly lifts the burden to know you have support and there are loving people that can provide food for others.

The process is hard work by people with big hearts. It requires unloading, preparing for pickup, getting certain foods cut and put in bags and various other tasks. In the END the impact of their existence is AMAZING! They are doing something great to help the community.”

“The GKC Trade Market has really blessed our family. Things were already tight. When we found ourselves facing an eviction, my husband lost his job. We were devastated. A friend of ours told us about Grace Klein Community. We have been blessed and humbled by this entire experience. I love to cook for my kids, my husband, and plan events for everyone. There were times when we were concerned when our food supply got low, or wondered how to stretch everything till the next week. It was heart wrenching. My husband went to Grace Klein Community to get food last week, and today. I was so excited and thankful for so much food. Good and healthy food! I didn’t know what to do. We started bagging up the food to divide and share with our neighbor! We were so happy that we could share! I’ve been cooking like a crazy person. We feel like we are being redeemed… Thank y’all so much. We really mean it.❤”

“I was recently put in connection with this wonderful ministry. Here, I get not only help for me and my 2 boys, but for my dad, a senior friend and another single mom like myself. I cannot express how wonderful this has been for my family, friends and myself. We all have problems and situations, and some of us live on a budget. Others live on an extreme budget to get through life. I met a volunteer, such a heart lifting friendly human being that cares for every living thing around her, her devotion and kindness is just amazing. This CHRISTmas, Grace Klein Community came at a  much needed time. My boys were needing a couple of things. All year round, I have to be selective in what we can or cannot afford. I always get my children necessities first and any extra, if it can be met, which is almost always NEVER. Toys are things that can rarely be done around here, so when CHRISTmas time comes, and they ask for toys, it breaks my heart to say NO, since “no” is often always the answer. When this time of year comes, I want to say yes, but then again they also need shoes and others items. Through Grace Klein Community the Lord provided my boys shoes and I was able to give them their toys that they have so much waited for ALL year long. I felt as if I could fly. I was so happy! I just cannot express how great this ministry is and how it helps so many people. But, the most it does, beyond help of food and other articles, is giving us hope.  You really feel cared for… something vital for every human being. I know its been for me….thank you Grace Klein Community for every single thing you do for ALL of us.”


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