Evan “Shaggy” Moon’s Birthday Surprise

$827.94 was the birthday love we received for Evan Moon’s 34th birthday surprise. All the money given will help cover his deductible, co-pays, insurance costs, etc. as he continues to battle brain cancer. We praise God for His work in Evan’s life and an opportunity to celebrate a 2nd birthday since his diagnosis. May none of us take our lives for granted. We are given today and we have an opportunity to use our today to the fullest.

Enjoy a few pictures and kind words that some of the donors emailed us to celebrate Evan.

“The first time I met Evan was one afternoon when I was at my mailbox. All of a sudden here comes this little boy on his bicycle shouting to me “I was baptized yesterday!” The whole world could have heard him. That image has left a lasting impression on me. May God continue to bless Evan with healing. Prayers lifted.” –  The 2 Sisters Cindiella and Nancy Nixon

“Hey Evan! Not sure if you remember me, but we used to live in Armstrong Hall together back at Georgia Tech. And we also share a birthday! Wish you a very happy birthday friend. Take care!” – Sumved Sharma

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