Our friend George – South Africa

February 13th to 15th, 2015, Pastor George Mwanza, founder of the Leadership Experience (LXP), a partner organization to Grace Klein Community, blessed us with a special visit from South Africa. The Library Dreams Project is a ministry outreach of the Leadership Experience.

“The Leadership Experience (LXP) is a cross-cultural discipleship program developing servant leaders in the continent of Africa. LXP focuses on character formation and servant-hood as it confronts the common aspirations of leadership that focus on the promotion of self. Student volunteers participate in classroom lessons on character, spiritual formation, and life-skills development, while spending most of their time in experiential learning through regular community outreach initiatives.

The primary goal and passion of LXP is to disciple and raise up leaders whose motivation is more than the profit, the position and the power that is often associated with successful leadership.

The founding principle of the LXP curriculum is discipleship. Many today are evangelized but few are discipled. The result is a missing link between a profession of faith and the living out of that faith in practical, daily life. The effect of this has manifested itself in corrupt leadership and governance all over the world at both secular and spiritual levels. LXP seeks to influence change in this crisis where faith and lifestyle fail to connect. Today’s biggest spiritual dilemma is a lack of godly leadership, and LXP is aiming to make a difference.”

We were able to share many meals, a worship gathering and a special african dinner. George taught one evening on the importance of prayer as a spiritual discipline. We hope we were as much of an encouragement to him as he was to us. Please plan to join us when you see other worship gatherings as it is always a wonderful time with the Lord and one another.






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