Our Love for Lucas

Lucas Evan Dunigan, born on August 28, 2008, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on December 29, 2014 at age six. On May 8, 2017, at age eight, Lucas took his last breathe.

Lucas was a ray of sunshine. His battle against cancer never robbed his sweet face from a smile. Lucas, a 2nd Grader at Rocky Ridge Elementary School, had a passion for legos. If he could have been anything he dreamed of, he probably would have been an inventor. Lucas was a real trooper, a fighter, teaching those around him how to tackle difficult situations with such grace. Even after withstanding all of his treatments, Lucas smiled and loved to the very end. His mom, Amy, said she knew he was special and different from the day he was born.

Grace Klein Community, in partnership with Rocky Ridge Elementary, are caring for the Dunigan Family, receiving all financial donations supporting expenses incurred during treatment, as well as after Lucas’s passing.

If you feel led to support the Dunigan Family: 

Check donations can be mailed to: Grace Klein Community, 1678 Montgomery Hwy #104, Birmingham, AL 35216. Please include “Lucas Dunigan” in the memo line.

Online contributions can be given via PayPal: Click HERE to be directed to the online giving page.

*All contributions are tax-deductible as Grace Klein Community is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.*

Loving through prayer:

Be in prayer for Lucas’s family, Amy (mom,) Michael (dad,) Riley (older brother,) and Breck (younger brother,) as they grieve the loss of their sweet son and brother.

“Lucas was always a happy child, always smiling, kind to others and a very strong fighter. He loved Lego, Batman and Alabama football. He always fought with everything he had. He always amazed everyone around him with so much strength. Lucas brought such an unbelievable joy to his chaotic world. Everyone loved him and his laugh. With only 8 years, Lucas was so happy and strong. Lucas will always have a special place in our hearts.” – Lucas’s 2nd Grade Teacher, Kelly Stokes



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Donate by Mail: by making out a check to "Grace Klein Community" with you designation in the memo line and send it to:

Grace Klein Community, 1678 Montgomery Highway. #104, Birmingham, AL 35216

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