30 Days, only GOD.

Day 1: Operation “Let’s Kick It”

  • Closed on House
  • 13 people helped demo
  • $500 given from South Oak Title
  • Carpet and pad pulled and almost all kitchen demo’d

Day 2: Operation “Ninja Style”

  • Anonymous donor commits to match the next $3,500 given
  • Ice provided for work crew from Taco Tech
  • Lunch provided for volunteers by Little Donkey 280
  • 15 community friends served
  • All cabinets are now removed, floor is removed, foyer wall removed, tack strips removed in 3 bedrooms, portion of staples pulled, weird “must go” cabinet gone, 2 dumpsters full

When are you coming to join in? We would love to have you be a part of this God-sized project!!

Day 3: Operation “Sunday FunDay”

  • 26 people served
  • Kitchen cooking pots, crockpot and blender donated
  • Commitment for one garage door to be sponsored
  • $50 being mailed from California for the project
  • Dinner provided by Little Donkey 280
  • Mortar wash started in prayer room, windows and shutters washed, garage workshop demo’d, wall of closets demo’d, 1 of 2 bunk bed sets built

Day 4 and 5: Operation “Secret Mission”

*$5,350 has been given to the project since Saturday which means our anonymous donor is matching the first $3,500 given, since the offer to match, for the project. $8,850 raised in 4 days. Praise the Lord!!

  • Commitment from new volunteer to pressure wash all exterior elevations, porches, sidewalk and driveway
  • Television, television stand, two side tables, bookcase, board games, household items, table (unfortunately it fell off the truck and broke into many many pieces but thankfully no one was hurt,) chairs and bed given to the project
  • 20 volunteers combined served for these two days
  • 4 gallons of jomax donated for the exterior cleaning that will arrive Friday
  • $300 given that will be used for purchasing mortar mix in prayer room and lumber for built-in bunk beds
  • Huffman Electric committed to donate electrical services for the project
  • $5,000 given from community member towards the project
  • Staples removed from bedroom floors, donations organized, trash removed from property, portion of ceiling removed to prepare for LVL
  • Alabama Veterans committed to partner with us for a work day

Day 6 Operation “Mission Camp”

  • Liberty Church youth came to serve during their summer mission camp
  • carpet pulled, trash loaded in dumpster, pallets broken apart
  • LIFT youth group from Morningstar UMC committed to come serve Sunday afternoon from 2-6pm
  • LVL Materials ordered
  • Utilities switched over into Grace Klein Community name
  • Kitchen cabinet rendering designs prepared as a give by community member to plan layout of space
  • 16 volunteers served
  • Another dumpster of trash taken to landfill

Day 7 Operation “Logistics”

  • Hardwood flooring purchased for section on main level that is missing hardwood 11×32 area (sponsoring this material will be $1,254 if your Sunday school or sports team or club would like to invest in this portion of project)
  • Hardwood and supporting materials delivered to the property to acclimate to current conditions
  • Electrician visited property to make a plan for electrical work required
  • Permit issued
  • LVLs and supporting lumber materials delivered to jobsite and stored in garage
  • Another dumpster of trash removed from property
  • 11 volunteers served

Day 8-11 Operation “Team Work & Prayer”

  • 65 volunteers served Friday – Sunday
  • LVL’s are installed after much help from many people
  • LIFT, the youth group, from Morningstar UMC, gave all they had for yard work, cleanup, trash removal, bagging of drywall and insulation, and removing nails from 2×4’s that had been used for temporary support.
  • Ice provided by Taco Tech
  • Saturday food provided by Little Donkey 280
  • Prayer and worship over the house as a commitment for everything that happens at this home to be for God’s glory

Days 12 – 16 Operation “Rest and Miracles”

  • Rest day
  • Surprise $8,000 donation for the project
  • Lots of cleaning – goodbye rock wool, you are so itchy.
  • Hardwood install in progress for the section that was missing hardwood in the main room
  • Cleaning supplies donated by Liberty Church
  • Ice from Taco Tech
  • Watermelon, pork sliders, ribs and fried chicken provided by Church of the Highlands – Riverchase
  • Taco pie provided by Zonia Waltman
  • Iron railing removed, mortar wash in prayer room, nail holes filled in bedroom walls, front porch carpet removed, primed walls in two bedrooms
  • Horticulturalist Tiffany Sutton determined plan for yard and will provide consulting services for volunteer teams to implement
  • Extensive yard work
  • Serve day commitment from Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • $19,200 currently raised for the project
  • Another 27 volunteers have served

Days 17-30 Operation “Tenacity”

  • Hardwood section of floors completed
  • 2nd set of bunk beds built
  • Broken rafter replaced and drywall corners cleaned out
  • Staples removed out of ceiling and flooring
  • General interior cleanup
  • Preparation for electrician
  • Priming continued in the upstairs three bedrooms
  • Jackhammering completed for adding downstairs bathroom
  • Demolition of pallets and cleaning nails out of boards to prepare for paneling usage in basement
  • Extensive yard cleaning under the yard plan management of horticulturalist Tiffany Sutton
  • Deed filed with Jefferson County
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals and the Brookhills Youth Ministry “Act Like Men” Weekend Retreat each gave a serve day
  • 62 volunteers served during the last 14 days
  • Ice provided from Taco Tech
  • Shades Mountain Baptist Church committed to purchase clean top soil for filling in the ditch on right side of front yard

Would you, your sports team, supper club, business or Sunday School class like to be a part of the renovation of this home? Email natalie@gracekleincommunity.com to get involved.

What will the home be used for?

  • Worship and Prayer
  • Intentional Meals
  • Encouragement
  • Single Mama Support
  • Christian Life Coaching
  • Place of Respite

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