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Belize Update, Tracey, Work, fields 013 editedIt is hard for us to believe that we are already in the middle of June. It is hot in Belize and the sporadic rain has begun. One of our most recent projects was the installation of our water tank to catch rain water from the roof. The tank holds around 660 gallons and is already full. I am in the process of putting together a pressure pump that will pump water into the house into another tank to be used when necessary. We have found that the water supply here can disappear at the most inconvenient times.

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A major achievement for us was to finished the porch that the team from Grace Klein came down to build last September. This has been such a blessing, now we can hold children’s church and other activities in this additional space. We will never forget the guys hard work in the worst rainy conditions!


Out of this team, for us, has grown friendships of fellow believers who spiritually minister to us and who we join in prayer for each other, encouraging one another. I know that our Father in heaven put us in contact with Grace Klein.

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One of the major reasons we were called to Belize was to support and assist one of our Pastor’s here. We have continued on our schedule of land clearing and planting. So far this year we have cleared 10 acres of bush and have burned it one time. We have also planted additional sugar cane and just in the last few days planted 15 pounds of corn seed. Keep in mind this is all done by hand.

School, Noni BDay 002We have begun a bible school that demanded a three year commitment from the students but the purpose of the school is to have ordained ministers upon graduation. We have been praising God at the turn out and enthusiasm the students have shown. Please be praying for the young men and women that have made this commitment to serve God.

July is always a busy month here as our Belize Conference host it’s annual Youth Camp, and then we hold VBS in seven villages. Please remember the youth in your prayers, we are doing everything we possibly can to allow the ones who want to go to Youth Camp to be able to go but it is always a challenge.

Thank you for your prayers. Please remember me and Tracey as we continue to seek God’s will here in Belize. We continue to pour our hearts into the people here in an effort to show them the love of our Savior Jesus Christ, preaching, teaching and witnessing.

Of all the people I have told about Jesus, outside the church, I have only found one person who had the confidence given by the Holy Spirit that he was truly saved. I never thought Belize, considered an over evangelized country by many, would be this deaf to the gospel of Jesus Christ. False teachers and false Christians have been used by satan very effectively here. We must never stop praying for hearts to be drawn to Jesus.

Thank you again for your support and prayers. God Bless.

Paul and Tracey Sims

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