Journey to the “Full Moon”

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“Thank you to everyone who has continued to pray for Evan and follow his story. He is doing well and has completed his two year follow up tests. It has been three years since his diagnosis and surgery.

THREE YEARS. Can y’all believe that?!!!

It has been two years since the completion of radiation and chemotherapy. His MRI results are “stable” and his medicines are a routine now. Praise the Lord! We are so grateful and blessed for all the prayers and support that have helped our family survive and have helped Evan continue physical therapy. His walk has improved and his therapy is concentrating on his left arm and hand. He is working to gain control of the left arm movement. His new physical therapist understands that Evan wants to continue to rehabilitate the left arm rather than learn to live without it. Hopefully the hand and fingers will begin to respond. It has been amazing to see him improve to walking with a walking stick and speaking with an increased vocabulary.

We have made a few trips to see and experience places on his wish list. We have visited friends and camped on their farm, camped with our Grace Klein family, played miniature golf with Evan trying to use his left hand, rode a mountain coaster, and attended off road camping events. He is enjoying life! As his balance improves we are taking on more challenges. The rehabilitation doctor has told us that Evan has progressed beyond needing a leg/foot brace and he will begin new exercises to help improve his walk and balance. So he has more adventures ahead.

Everywhere we go Evan shares his story and faith so we have all learned a new slower pace as Evan takes time to share the gospel. He has such a talent for finding common ground with everyone and opening the conversation about Jesus. He will soon begin volunteer work with youth at church and he is excited about the opportunity to serve. Please continue to pray for his healing and opportunities to share the scriptures.

We believe that “ knowing all the answers is not as important as knowing where to find the answers.” We do not have all the answers about this journey or where it will lead, but we know we can go to God who has the answers. We search our hearts, our prayers, and HIS word to know how to support Evan in ministry to share his story and faith. He has many more appointments and MRIs and therapy ahead. We are grateful that the help he needs has been made available through prayers and support of family and friends. As he moves forward planning his next adventure and preparing to serve young people, he always  remembers the blessings that make it possible.

Thank you, Jesus!
The Evan Moon Family”

*Third Quarter Moon is the last primary phase when the Moon has reached the 3rd, or last, quarter of its orbit around Earth, hence the name.

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