Stand Out

“At the end of April we hosted our “STAND OUT” themed camp for 68 campers and leaders. We explored how God created each one of us uniquely special, and how as followers of Christ we are called to stand out from the world and be different from those who don’t know the Lord. When we act like Jesus we shine like a city on a hill; others are impacted by…Keep Reading

LXP Lesotho – January 2017 Update

Ha Makopela Outreach In early December a team of ten youth leaders and LXP Staff went to the mountain village of Ha Makopela for our fourth annual outreach to the community there. It was such a blessing to be joyfully welcomed once again and the team was able to pick up right where they left off from previous trips, especially with the young people. It is wonderful to return to…Keep Reading

LXP Lesotho – November 2016 Update

The spring rain has begun to fall here in Lesotho after a dry winter and we are enjoying the beautiful green landscape, warm weather, and freshly planted corn and sorghum fields. It has been some months since we sent an email newsletter update, so here are some highlights of the fresh growth and life-giving spiritual rain we have been experiencing in life and ministry. Computer Skills Training  Our introductory class,…Keep Reading

A Visit from the Mosobases

What a treat to host Godfrey and Elizabeth Mosobase, Sophie, and Elizabeth’s parents, Norm and Jo, in Birmingham, AL, with Grace Klein Community. We love being partnered with LXP Lesotho. The Mosobases visited from May 20 to May 24, 2016. The Elliott’s hosted the family and graciously shared their home, meals and love. Friday afternoon, they were able to visit with many community friends, including Jennifer Vines, coordinator of our…Keep Reading

LXP Lesotho – October 2015

We have been busy here in Lesotho since our last update! Here are some highlights of what has been happening in our ministry and family life. Beat the Drum 2015 From August 17 – 28, LXP South Africa hosted the annual Beat the Drum outreach in Jeffrey’s Bay. We were privileged to join the team for the second week and loved reconnecting with friends from LXP, Michigan, and Idaho. After teaching Beat the Drum…Keep Reading

LXP Lesotho Youth Camp

“It’s that time of year again, when we load up the mattresses and pots and sound system and go to CAMP! From 29 September to 2 October we will be looking into the exciting theme “The Journey” with more than 90 kids and youth aged 8-23. Our theme will be explored by looking into the experience of the Israelites as they journeyed from Egypt to the Promised Land and how…Keep Reading

LXP Lesotho – Ministry Efforts

The Leadership Experience, Lesotho takes a three-fold approach to ministry. 1. Discipling Youth Saturday Youth Program: We meet weekly with children and youth from the community gather to play games, do activities that develop character and godly values, and facilitate bible studies which impart biblical truths and encourage spiritual growth. Camps: Bi-annually we take the youth from the Saturday Program to camp. Each camp has a unique theme that allows…Keep Reading

The Leadership Experience – Lesotho

The Leadership Experience – Lesotho

THE LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE – LESOTHO SERVING THE PEOPLE OF LESOTHO AS AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST FOR THE GLORY OF GOD AND DISCIPLING OTHERS TO DO THE SAME Grace Klein Community had the pleasure of meeting Godfrey and Elizabeth, in person, in June, 2015 Program Directors of The Leadership Experience in Lesotho, Africa. We had the opportunity of supporting them at a worship gathering hosted by CrossBridge Church in Birmingham, AL, and…Keep Reading


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